Arduino Uno WorkBench Barebones Kit. The Arduino Uno WorkBench provides all the Uno's power and I/O pins to up to three Breadboards. It includes sites for three uncommitted on-board LEDs and three tactile switches along with (of course) a LogiSwitch debouncer chip.

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The "Barebones" kit is for those among us who always have a collection of LEDs, resistors, headers, tact switches etc., in their desk drawers and don't need the full kits. Addition of the LS18 or LS118 chip may be ordered HERE.

The jungle of wires don't only clutter your projects, they make it hard to wire and hard to troubleshoot. The LogiSwitch Arduino Uno WorkBench connects all of the Arduino's power and I/O pins out to three separate breadboards to provide plenty of workspace for the most complex Arduino projects.

Below is a clip showing two identical circuit implementations of the same project side-by-side. The layout on the left demonstrates the advantages of the Uno WorkBench over the one with the rats nest of wires on the right.